Film Emulation Photo installation





1. To install the preset pack please use the installer which is included in the downloaded folder.


Close the Application Lightroom on your Desktop before you start with the installation.
Open the downloaded folder and install the presets with the MAC PRESET INSTALLER for OSX devices and the WIN PRESET INSTALLER for Windows computers. The Installer will automatically open after you double clicked on it.
If your security preferences of your computer avoid the execution of the installer you may right click on the MAC PRESET INSTALLER for OSX file, then press "open" and press "open" again. Then proceed with the steps in the installer and you're already done. Now you can open Lightroom again.

If these steps didn't work for you please proceed with step 3.

2. If step 1 didn't work for you then you can install the preset pack manually


Double click on the preset .zip-file to create the preset folder. In the folder should be many files with the .lrtemplate extension - these are the preset files.
Once the new folder is created you need to place this exact new folder in a new directory on your Mac computer.


Place the folder in the new directory


1. Open Lightroom
2. In the top menu select "Lightroom" and then "Preferences" so that the preferences window opens up.
3. Then select "Presets" from the menu and click on "Show Lightroom Presets Folder..."
4. To finish, place the preset folder in the "Develop Preset" folder.
5. Again, I wanna summarize this process: We placed the extracted preset folder in the new directory:
Mac: Macintosh HD / users / yourusername / Library / Application Support / Adobe / Lightroom / Develop Presets Windows: Computer / [C:] / Users / / AppData / Roaming / Adobe / Lightroom / Develop Presets


3. Use the presets in Lightroom


Open Lightroom and switch to the "Develop" mode if you have not done already (to do so click on "Develop" on the top right navigation bar)
The menu button "Presets" on the left bar will appear and you're now able to click on the different presets and apply these on your photos.



Before you start

Copy all Preset DNG files into the photo gallery of your phone. They will appear as black photos in your gallery.

Download the Lightroom Mobile App

Get the mobile App on your device. You'll be able to edit your pics with my presets from everywhere on your phone.

Create an Album

Click on the + button to create an Album folder where all the Presets will be inside.

Add the Presets to the Album

Click on the menu ... button in the top right corner and select "add photos" from your "gallery".